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We offer a full range of interdisciplinary services to respond to the unique needs of each project.

Project Management

We work together with you to achieve project management excellence

Project Management

Establishing the company's Project Management System (PMS) and assures that the system documentation covers all needs, requirements and expectations of the serviced company.

Developing and documenting the different project management processes that concerned with the initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling and closing up in accordance to the international and recognized management systems to achieve the required project objectives.

Set up timely Procedures Deliverables based on the different project management areas which include Project Management Office, Quality Management System - QMS, Project Controls (Document, Schedule, Cost), Procurement and Contract Management, Construction Management, Health, Safety and Environment Management System - HSEMS.

Support organizations/ companies on the developing and establishing of their project management offices (PMO).

Assist with evaluating the efficiency of your organization's management processes and procedures. Through personal interviews, surveys, focus groups and on-site observation, we will provide a detailed report of our findings.

ABC will make recommendations on how to optimize resources, reduce process bottlenecks and use quality management tools to improve productivity.

ABC program management services can help you keep multiple, interrelated projects in synchronization, on time and within budget. We review every detail of all projects, set-up objectives, plans and priorities, manage and control the processes, and identify and resolve problems

Work professionally and competently with the client to define, plan, implement and integrate every aspect of each project. When managing an entire multi-disciplinary program our service improves timing, cost and quality.

Deliver experienced leadership, best practices, defined requirements, lessons learned, and innovative solutions to each new program challenge.

Manage all phases of the construction processes from concept through completion, including cost and budget controls, scheduling, estimating, expediting, inspection, contract administration and management of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.

Assisting public and private clients to plan, develop, design, construct, operate and maintain engineering projects.

Provide project management and supervision on different aspects of engineering construction, renovation and rehabilitation works including commercial and residential complexes, buildings, concrete and steel structures, sewage treatment plants, sewerage pump stations & outfalls, sewerage pipe lines, drainage and storm water systems, substations, steel and concrete bridges.

ABC suite of construction management services includes construction project administration, construction inspection, constructability reviews, project controls and document management, scheduling, cost estimating and cost control, change order management, claims management and resolution, quality assurance, startup and testing, and project close-out.

A tailored construction management plan is developed for all projects managed by ABC. The construction management plan describes how the construction process is managed and establishes the requirements, processes and procedures that the contractors and other service providers will follow.

Our full-service capabilities are customized to meet each owner's specific project needs at all phases of the project. We provide individual services or fully integrated delivery teams to successfully meet your objectives..

Conduct third-party audits on running projects of the serviced companies, document factual reports on the findings, maintain and follow up the required corrective and preventive actions.

Represent potential third- Party auditor/ inspector, act as an independent body and perform related missions upon request with required verification and monitoring to ensure conformance of projects and activities with the international standards, official contracts, guidelines, and specific projects specifications.

Develop, assess and comment on all project quality documents for adequacy and compliance. Develop and promote quality management plans, procedures and methods of statements for the various infra-structures projects and construction activities.

Maintain and develop specific engineering project specifications with the quality control of materials, equipments and testing. Check of the manufacturer's certificates, identification, handling, transportation and storage of all materials and equipments delivered to the various projects and sites for conformance.

Technical evaluation with auditing and reporting on existing infrastructures, buildings, superstructures, and construction plants.

Prepare cost estimates on projects in support of planning, design, construction, renovation, operation and maintenance, as well as change order negotiations and claims support.

Maintain the cost management process that ensures the project achieves a balanced and acceptable distribution of available budget amongst the project elements, monitors that the total expenditure is within the approved budget and that the final product represents optimum value for money.

Develop and issue a detailed budget and cost management plan in accordance with the Client's brief and this plan form the basis for monitoring, cost control, and change control, and reporting throughout all stages of the project.

ABC will evaluate your project’s schedule and identify all possible pitfalls in scope, logic, sequence and duration. We will help sort out critical vs. non critical activities, evaluate resource loading and perform the required "What If" analysis. ABC's experts utilize the most sophisticated methods for establishing and evaluating schedule conflicts, analyzing delays/acceleration, conducting productivity analysis, auditing costs and determining damages.

Develop and maintain a project schedule control plan as part of the overall project management plan which is continuously updated throughout the project.

Provide project procurement management strategies according to the client’s requirements. ABC utilizes full service procurement to enhance the success of projects and the satisfaction of our clients.

An objective assessment of the client’s needs and full understanding of the project characteristics, constraints, risks and the content of the predetermined work breakdown structure are considered while developing the project procurement strategy.

Conduct formal second party performance audits on consultants, contractors and other service providers engaged on projects where required contractually.

Conduct a detailed analysis of the claims, break them down event by event and issue by issue, to help facilitate resolution. By reviewing and analyzing all relevant project documents and performance data, we can help get to the root of any dispute.

Should litigation be unavoidable, ABC provides claims analysis and technical support to clients and their legal counsel. We help prepare issue files and requests for admission, and assist in depositions. We offer vast experience preparing and rebutting requests for additional compensation and time extensions, as well as other issues surrounding construction disputes.

ABC’s approach to the development of a commissioning plan starts with a strong understanding of the owner’s requirements, the project design intent, systems installed, and desired outcome. We will then develop a plan that will include a detailed understanding of what the project entails, how commissioning communications will be processed, a complete outline of testing to be performed with the acceptance criteria, documentation required, and training outline.

We understand that commissioning is not only a validation of equipment or system installation/operation/performance; it is also a form of Quality Assurance. We maintain the implementation of a standard process to manage the physical, fiscal, and contractual completion of projects or portion thereof to complete the handover and overall close‐out of the operations and project.

Concurrent with the identification of project risk, ABC believes that the development of an integrated set of processes and procedures suitable for application across all stakeholders and departments of the project team is crucial for the effective, efficient operation and overall success our client's project.

Develop a risk management plan for controlling project exposure to various risks that may affect the successful completion of a project. The plan is used to make accurate decisions for moving forward and for developing response strategies for each risk.

Provide guidelines for the application of value engineering during the design and construction phases of a project.

Identify and define design and construction solutions against the client’s needs that achieve the required quality at the best possible value in terms of cost, safety, performance, operation, maintenance, reliability, delivery targets and suitability within a specific market.

Provide general requirements for managing health, safety and environment (HSE) of the projects. Develop and document project HSE manual and associated procedures in accordance to the international standards.

Maintain the application of a project HSE plan through the specific procedures, responsibilities and client health, safety & environment requirements and regulations. Promote continuous improvements to the working conditions concerned with health, safety and environment on the project activities.

Promote HSE awareness and consciousness in construction projects and ensure effective implementation of HSE procedures. Conduct audits for monitoring the implementation of the project HSE plan and HSE management system.

We offer facility management that allocating resources for the operation and maintenance of a facility to allow continued performance of the facility’s intended function. We bring experienced people and time-tested processes to find and save your money. We look at every aspect of your facility's operations (utilities, janitorial services, maintenance and procurement). At the end, we need to lower your cost of operations, and improve your ROI.

The facility management services we provide our clients are based on a solid understanding of their business operations. Through our consultation and planning, you get a big-picture view that takes in all the details. Businesses are always changing, whether expanding or contracting. So, you need a plan for facility management services that let you adapt to change. We will take responsibility to ensure your building materializes as intended through a well documented plan that ensures the details of the following aspects:

  • Facility Manager's role in the project closeout
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Resource materials
  • Facility evaluation
  • Documents for life cycle activities

Quality Assurance

We take you step by step into the quality assurance with a broad understanding of certifications and standards

Quality Assurance

Promote management systems and the associated standards in all business areas and sectors. Assist in establishing and building for the company/ organization the overall quality system structure to the requirements of ISO Standards and other International Standards.

ABC can help you streamline your business practices, comply with regulations and achieve your market goals to the following recognized standards:

  • Project Management Body of Knowledge – PMBOK Guide Fifth Edition 2013
  • Quality Management System ISO QMS 9001:2015
  • Occupational Health & Safety Management System ISO 45001:2017
  • Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001:2015
  • Risk Management ISO 31000:2009
  • Information Security Management ISO 27001:2013
  • Laboratory Testing Management Systems ISO 17025:2005
  • Food Safety Management Systems (HACCP, GMPs & ISO 22000:2005)
  • Customer Satisfaction, Guidelines for Complaints Handling ISO 10002:2004
  • Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industries ISO 29001: 2010
  • Social Responsibility ISO 26000: 2010
  • Energy Management Systems 50001: 2011
  • Anti Bribery Management Systems: 37001:2016
  • Medical Devices ISO 13485:2016

Provide strategic planning process consultancy on development and deployment with various management approaches, tools and techniques, and support for company organizational development services.

Assist organizations and companies on how to use the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model, the fundamental concepts of excellence and the process of self- assessment to improve performance.

Support the organizations towards the adoption and implementation of Excellence Model as a practical tool that can be used as a:

  • Tool for self assessment
  • Way to benchmark with other organizations / companies
  • Guide to identify areas for improvement
  • Basis for a common vocabulary and a way of thinking
  • Structure for the management system

We offer a range of audit services to cover your entire value chain from processes to organization, service and systems. Our audit services offer you experience in every industry and sector to ensure that your projects, products, processes and operations meet and exceed the market regulations and standards required.

Perform effective assessments of company’s Management System and determine whether it meets the specific standard requirements. Perform and carry out an effective quality audit of a company quality system, project management system …etc, and reporting the outcome.

ABC acts as an independent third-party audit to provide the following benefits to your projects:

  • It gives a level of comfort to management providing assurance.
  • If the audit is done early enough in the project, recommendations can be implemented to improve project execution and reduce time and cost overruns.
  • It provides a prioritized list of observations (findings) that need to be addressed. A project manager can be embedded in the project details and optimistically believe the project is in better shape than it is.
  • The recommendations provide practical solutions based on root-cause analysis.

If you seeking an independent third-party project audit/ review? Contact us. We provide independent assessment and project audit services, as well as project management quality assurance services. We can also train your staff on how to gather quality methods and techniques to properly monitor projects.

Provide the most modern tools, techniques and approaches of quality assurance and quality control (QA/ QC) to various activities and services. Maintain to our potential customers the proper concept, practice, and use of quality vocabulary and terminologies.

Assist in promoting and understanding the application of rules and regulations in our services and products in accordance to the following aspects:

  • Sudanese Standards & Metrology Organization – SSMO
  • Local Bodies Authorities
  • International Standards & Code of Practices
  • Projects Specifications& Technical Documents
  • Official Contracts & Customer’s Guidelines

Certification to the international standards ensures that your business meets customer and legal requirements as well as maintains a competitive edge by being able to continually respond to changing demands in an increasingly complex global marketplace.

Provide an easy route to locate and contact the professionals and competent bodies worldwide in the quality Certification. Present customers with easy access to quality of products and services.

Assess on Certificate of Conformance and Certificate of Origin for various materials, facilities and production processes such as concrete production and construction equipments.

Quality Control

Do you have an idea about Inspection and Test Plan – ITP?

Quality Control

Maintain quality control tests to ensure the success of engineering projects, investigation or construction and to comply with the latest test method requirements and ensuring that performance specifications can be achieved with confidence.

Determination of different construction materials testing requirements and criteria, development of testing procedures in accordance to the well-recognized standards and code.

Managing of various site tests, sampling and testing of materials, as required, to ensure that testing is in accordance with the required standards, codes, or specifications.

Evaluation and calibration services of testing laboratories, engineering production plants such as concrete and asphalt batch plants, weighing and measuring devices, in accordance to the recognized international and local standards to help customers achieve the highest measurement quality and productivity.

Perform third party missions such as inspections, calibrations, observing, testing, measuring, examining, and reporting in conformance to codes, standards, contract specifications and contract documents.

  • QA/ QC Inspection Services in Civil Construction
  • Third Party Technical Inspection Services (Architectural, Structural, Materials, Mechanical, Electrical, Fabrication & Welding and Painting)
  • Inspection and Certification of Cranes & Lifting Equipments
  • Non Destructive Testing (Visual, Magnetic Particle, Ultrasonic, Hardness Testing etc.)
  • Health & Safety Assessment