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The ABC knowledge center contains a wide range of articles, guidance notes, training programs, case studies, useful links and news items that support and develop the knowledge and competence of our valued customers and clients.

Quality is not an art, but it must be more than a science. Science typically implies knowledge. Knowledge is not enough. Although how much you know is important, how much you apply is more important. Quality is about execution, about wisdom, about being on a journey to greatness.

The ABC can help you learn about quality: how to use time-tested principles and methods to improve the work you do, whatever it may be.

If you are brand new to quality, you have come to the right place.
This section of our Web site will show you the "first steps" to learning about the tools, processes and ideas that comprise quality and how quality can be applied to your work. Then we will show you the "next steps" that will help you take quality to the next level and help you get the most out of the resources ABC has to offer.

First Steps

Start your quality journey on the right foot with ab4q. Basic Concepts – Concise explanations of some of the bedrock principles of quality. Glossary– A handy guide to terms unique to quality. Basic Training in Quality – We prefer to provide you in-house training, ABC has your first training needs covered.

Next Steps

Ready for more? Here’s where you can take quality to the next level, and get more involved with ABC’s people and resources.

Our Business – ABC is the Sudanese leading bureau of quality-focused professionals. Come share with us. Here’s your chance to ask a question, see what quality professionals are saying about the latest issues and ideas, and connect directly with people who have the information you need. (Be sure to read our terms of business first!)

ABC’s Web Site – You’ve already seen some of what ABC offers online. Visit our office and let us show you the whole picture.

More Training – We offer training in many aspects and on different topics. Let us help you choose the training options that work for you.

Certification – Show the world you know quality, and advance your career, by earning certifications.

Market-Specific Information on Quality – ABC’s know-how on quality customized for our most target areas of use: construction industry, manufacturing, service, education, healthcare and government.

ABC is performing and conducting third party missions such as inspections, calibrations, observing, testing, measuring, examining, and reporting in conformance to codes, standards, contract specifications and contract documents.

A third party is an independent Body (Individual/ Company/ Organization):

  • Working with different Stakeholders (Owner, Sponsor, Customer, Project Manager, Consultant, Contractor, Supplier/ Vendor)
  • Manage the quality of an entity for specified product and/ or service
  • To achieve the documented objectives
  • To meet the agreed requirements

Our Third-Party Vision & Mission

  • To be the Sudan leader in a Third Party mission.
  • To be a leading bureau of a coherent approach to quality practices in Sudan.
  • To increase the awareness and knowledge level towards quality and business excellence.
  • To be the preferred point of contact for all enquiries and new businesses throughout the Quality Assurance and Quality Control requirements.
  • To put the potential customer in a much wider preferred workplace of quality terminologies and quality practices knowledge.
  • To continue monitor the real quality practices related to various businesses to ensure the excellent quality products/ services competitive in Sudan.
  • To develop innovative, efficient tools and modern techniques that allow for the provision of quality services and practices optimization.
  • To be respected as a quality bureau that is aware of and sensitive to the current needs of Sudan development.
  • To support companies and organizations in accelerating the process of making quality a decisive factor for achieving internal competitive advantage.
  • To assist and encourage organizations and companies to register with well recognized Certification Bodies.
  • To provide various Sudanese sectors with the required information, resources and technical expertise to achieve the real goals of quality practices and business excellence.
  • To observe and commit the highest ethical quality standards, and obey all Sudan laws and regulations as a value integrity.
  • To be a totally customer-oriented bureau that adopting a policy of continuous improvement in all our services, developing a culture that fosters new ideas to be a spirit of quality.

ABC will provide you adequate knowledge, experience and guidance to successfully participate in projects, with full conformity to the international project management standards. Learn the basic processes, procedures, methods and techniques to manage your projects according to the project management recognized standards.

We convey you all important methodological concepts and key procedures enabling you to set up and control your own projects, from project initiation through the whole planning and controlling processes. ABC will maintain you best practices from the field, are combined with professional concepts from the project management standards with a focus on project scope, schedule, cost, quality and risk.

Learning the what, how, and when of performing monitoring and controlling will further help you to develop a proactive as well as a reactive attitude towards any project situations, and will help you to deliver the right progress and performance reports at the right time. We will enable you to immediately start on your real projects and to perform professionally from the first day on because you know what you need to consider, when professional project management is required.

Our services are intended to get you onboard about how project management works and what the most important procedures are. Our project management consultancy is committed to the following project aspects:

  • Basic Project Management Concepts
  • Project Management Systems
  • Project Life Cycle
  • Project Initiation Procedure
  • Business Case and Project Charter Development
  • Project Communication Management
  • Project Procurement & Contract Management
  • Project Scope Planning
  • Project Scope Requirements and Scope Management
  • Project Time Management
  • Project Estimation and Budgeting
  • Project Document and Correspondence Control
  • Construction Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Auditing
  • Value Engineering
  • Project Risks Management
  • Earned Value Management
  • Project Changes and Issues Management
  • Monitoring and Controlling
  • Project Meetings and Reports
  • Project HSE Management
  • Project Close out Procedure
  • Capturing Lessons Learned and Project Archiving

While the Project Management Office (PMO) has gained wide acceptance, it still needs buy-in at the senior executive level. With our changing environment ABC has recognized an increase in the importance of quantifying the PMO’s value and how it presents its case to ensure funding in what promises to be a highly competitive aspect for organizational resources.

Whether you are considering setting up a PMO for the first time, taking an existing office to the next level or determining it has the right mandate, value or governance capabilities ABC’s provides a framework of best & right practices, processes and tools.

Our approach is clear and direct with an intentional emphasis on your business benefits. It is scalable and flexible enough to accommodate any stage of Project Management Office development or ongoing maintenance:

  • New Establishment
  • Development and Enhancement
  • Auditing for Continual Improvement

To ensure success ABC has found you must:

  • Discussing the current and future state of your organization.
  • Uncovering the gaps to move toward the future state.
  • Have a vision for the Project Management Office and get adequate support up-front.
  • Streamline implementation in phases to accelerate return and address expectations.
  • Be benefit-centric, focusing on business outcomes.
  • Align service offering with available capacity to deliver high quality.
  • Put the right organizational structure and competency development strategy in place to support both tactical plans and long-term strategy.

A well-establishing PMO is an essential cornerstone of a successful project management culture. The tasks a PMO has to fulfill are varied and not based on a single discipline. A PMO is also more than just a training center, a coaching provider or just a process owner. It is an all in one internal solution provider.

A PMO is not developed in a single day. A Project Management Office changes structures in varying degrees, depending on your organization. PMOs combine centralized activities and tasks in order to achieve best results. Constructing a PMO is a project in itself, operating one on the other hand is based on defined processes and operates reliably. We will assist you in building and introducing your PMO as we know the risks on the organizational and technical levels.

Support is needed even when everything is up and running. ABC can help you understand how to best define and utilize a PMO within your organization. We have the expertise to help you define a PMO Roadmap that results in a Value-Add PMO.

With our experience and expertise, we will work with you to enhance your capabilities in project management and program management. We will work with you to determine the services you desire, and the frequency of these. The types of services can include introducing project management processes and procedures, providing training, conducting coaching sessions, performing project status reporting and consolidation, conducting project audits, preparing for project management certification, executing project management processes, collect project histories and make the histories and the lessons learned available and measuring the value of the PMO.

A Project Management Office can add significant value to your projects and to your entire organization. We’ve done it before and we can help you get there. Each company and organization is unique. Contact us to discuss your specific situation, needs and requirements.

We are highly committed to build up your project management system in accordance to the well recognized international standards and as per your real needs and requirements. See our case studies.

Company Expected Benefits
The project management system will bring the following benefits to your company:

  • Consistent and effective control of key processes and company management
  • Promotion and standardization of good working practices
  • Competitive advantage and potential for reduced project quality shortcomings
  • Consistent project delivery with high quality performance
  • Increased customer satisfaction and increased market share
  • Greater awareness on project staff with documented system and procedures
  • Increased operational efficiency and reduces scrap/ rework
  • Enhanced inter-company relationships and continuous improvement
  • Management efficiency towards other awards and certifications
  • Help when you are subject to inspection by regulatory authorities/ other stakeholders
  • Provide locally, regionally and world- wide recognition

For Project Management Office - PMO
Having PMS, the Project Management Office (PMO) staff would have gained sufficient knowledge and familiarity with the Project Centre’s basic approach making it easier to focus on practical project issues and implications.

  • Maintain Project Procurement Strategies.
  • Effective various Contract Management.
  • Establishment of Project Status.
  • Implementation of Corrective/ Preventive Measures.
  • Adequate Allocation of Project Resources.
  • Management of Overall Master Schedule.
  • Management of Overall Budget and Cost.
  • Management of Technical Reviews.
  • Management of various Projects Risks Issues.
  • Value Engineering.
  • Well known Pre and Post Construction Activities.
  • Implementation of Constructability Reviews.
  • Projects Document Control and Management.
  • Effective Project Coordination and Communications.

For Project Based-Staff

  • Clearly and adequately conceptualize and understand the definitions, terms, models, tools, processes, and techniques of project management system.
  • Understand the importance and relevance of adopting a PMS approach to projects successful implementation and building and sustaining a high quality performance.
  • Apply the knowledge, skills and tools to their own situations and in the context of the company’s project system and processes.
  • Cascade the concepts to project teams more professionally, confidently, consistently and credibly to gain their full involvement and support.
  • Learn and apply the common sense structures and tools of effective project management to ensure smooth implementation of project objectives.
  • Gain a high degree of self-confidence, self-motivation, inspiration and professional satisfaction by focusing on high project value activities and contributions.

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