(LPG) Projects, Provision of Project Management Consultancy (PMC) Services

Client: NILE Petroleum Company

ABC acts as a Project Management Consultant (PMC) with overall responsibilities of all construction processes and activities till the completion and handing over to the Client.
LPG Projects: The main objective of these projects is to distribute the Nile Petroleum Gas mini stations all over the Sudanese state for easily accessibility and availability. The project consists of many similar mini stations located in various areas and locations such as Dalgo, Abuhumad, Berber, Wadelturabe, Wadlkarel, Aldinder, Algabaleen, Shabasha, Algadeed Althoura, New Halfa, Aldain, and Aldamazin. Each mini station includes offices with its utilities, proper sanitary system (septic tank with a well), reinforced concrete platform for the gas tanks, electric generator in a separate room, a firefighting system together with a water tank, and a surround steel mesh fence.
Petrol Stations Renovation and New Construction Projects:
These projects include complete renovation of some Nile Petroleum petrol stations and construction of new ones such as Silah Alishara, Gabra, Althoura Elhara 23, Al-Haj Yousif.