ZAIN Head-Quarter Renovation Construction Project, Khartoum - Sudan, Project OHS Third-Party Services

Client: Zain - Sudan

•These third-party Project Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Services are provided by ABC for ZAIN Head-Quarter Renovation Construction Project.
•These services are introduced in terms of contractual requirements of ZAIN Sudan as the Client’s.
•The scope of works includes installation of new lifts, cladding and tiling works throughout the whole building (12 floors), and entrance renovation.
•The main duties of ABC as OHS Third-Party services provider include the following:
a.Be responsible for the overall project issues regarding the OHS activities and services.
b.Keep the General Contractor fully and properly informed on all aspects of health and safety and provide with such other information in connection with the project as the Client and/ or the Consultant may reasonably require.
c.Use all reasonable endeavors to facilitate the project to be completed within the agreed health and safety requirements.
Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
•Conduct hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control to identify all the factors that may cause harm to employees and others (the hazards). Also determine the possible severity that could come from it (the risks); and to enable employers to plan, introduce and monitor preventive measures to ensure that the risks are adequately controlled at all times.